Moje kroužkování v Živě na Jedničce

Pondělí 26. 3. 2012... Kliknutím na obrázek spustíte video.

První vstup

Druhý vstup

Třetí vstup

Čtvrtý vstup
Všechna videa jsou z archivu pořadu Živě na Jedničce České televize.

2 komentáře:

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!...on the TV appearance:-)
    It must have been the very interesting experience.
    Warm Greetings-Halinka-

  2. Hi,again:-)
    I had feared for a moment,that You have disappeared somehow from the list of my Followers,but You have only changed the logo of Your Blog.I think,it's better now-thanks to this-I've got known Your full name:-)
    I've been watching more and more of Your art pieces made from small,round,metal elements and I am more and more enchanted with the artism of Your jewelry.Until now,I didn't know,that it can be so wonderful.I saw some similar pieces somewhere on Blogger,but wasn't so positive about this kind of art.Yours is the best and the most special I've ever seen.
    Happy Spring and Happy Easter to You-Halinka-/the Pole in Sweden/:-)