Šiju... když mám čas / I weave... when have time

Když mám čas, šiju. Když mám čas znamená, když mi to Anička dovolí. Teď mám zrovna rozešitý jeden projekt do soutěže na Beadforu - téma je "Pološedo." Tady je důkaz:

When I have time, I weave. When I have time, that means when my little Annie allowes. Now I have a project for a Beadforum competition in progress, the theme is "Half-grey". Here is the proof:

A když nešiju, bavím se jiným způsobem:
And when I do not weave, I amuse in another way:


  1. Hello dear Eva,
    those are so sweet photos of your daughter Annie,there is something to look more beautiful than when the baby so laughs,I do not think.
    I´m also curious on the grey piece of jewelry when it´s done.I think the color grey with all it´s shades very nice and not at all dreary.
    Warm Greetings

    1. Hello Marion, thanks for nice comment. The grey necklace is done, so I am curious if you will like it.
      Annie send greetings ;-)



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