Vyrábím kabošony

Jo, tak mě to začalo bavit. Patlat se s fimem, pudrama, akrylovejma barvama... Zatím jen zpracovávám zbytky fima, co zbyly po tvoření mého muže, ale už si pohrávám s myšlenkou, že nakoupím nové.

Moje oblíbené vážky. Doladěné pudrem, jen ještě ta vlevo dole je domalovávaná akrylovými barvami.

Tady jsem si vystačila jenom s pudry.

A tady jsem jak pudrovala, tak malovala.

Za nejpovedenější asi považuju tenhle kousek:

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  1. HI:
    It's onice,You can make them by Yourself.I can only dream about,because we do not have any components here-maybe somewhere in the internet shops-I'll have to check.Moreover-I do not know,if I'd like to play with it,if I can,or if I make it properly.I was promised once,by one Hungarian woman,she even made a 'special post' about the cabs,she was willing to give me,but it was a month ago,she stays in silence,I do not remind her about sending them to me-maybe she has changed her mind-clearly-I do not care,though it was a nuisance,because of not keeping promisses by her.I was happy to hear suddenly about a promise to be given the polimer cabs and wanted to pay her for them,or to give something for instance,but...has happened and I wouldn't even want them now,if she was eager to send again.
    YOur cabs are beautiful.The dragonfly is being met in many places on Blogger-I've seen it in many jewelry parts and I like this motiff very much.
    Warm Hugs-Halinka-

  2. These cabs are so beautiful! I love your choice of strong colours. Can't wait to see what you make of them. :)